Dubied four.8 rimbrake 3500km summary

by Gary Blesson


At the end of last year I purchased a set of carbon rim brake wheels as I'm still using rim brakes, and being based in the Portuguese mountains I need a good quality wheelset I can have total confidence in.

The Four8 wheelset ticked all the boxes, with a height of 40mm and a width of 21mm, these wheels are hand built with CX Delta spokes which are very strong, but also very light, and are available in disc version. 

The first thing that struck me about the wheels was the lovely cone-shaped edco hubs and the construction of the spokes, which gives a sense of a high quality to the carbon wheelset. 



The tyres I chose for the wheels were the 25mm Continental 5000s, so I was all set to go for my road test, which I will take up to 3500k in all terrain and weather conditions. The first thing I noticed about the wheels was that the rolling speed seemed very quick and the wheels felt very stable descending. They did not feel twitchy at all and were extremely stable and responsive when taking corners at high speed.  The braking was incredible, lovely and smooth and gave exceptional braking control. I must point out that it is very important to use the pads supplied by E.Dubied as they are the recommended pads for the carbon rims. 



When using these wheels on the flat I found them very quick and it felt easier to hold the bike at a constant speed. This, I guess, is down to the aerodynamics of the wheel design. When climbing, I also found the wheels extremely adaptable, as if I was on a shallower climbing rim, so I can understand why these are described as a 'pro' wheel as they definitely have an all-round adaptability. The question that people always ask is 'but what are they like braking in the rain, especially on descents?' Well, the answer to that question is 'faultless'. The pad and the rim kept in constant contact without that on-and-off braking feeling which you sometimes get with rim brakes in the rain because for me, living in the mountains and in the terrain I'm in, it's so important to have trust in the wheels.  Also, of course, in the opposite weather conditions when it's hot and carbon rims can sometimes warp under braking in the heat, the wheels again were faultless. So, after 3500km in rain, heat and cold, the wheels are still as good as new. All the wheel bearings are still in perfect condition, there are no signs of wear on the rims and I still have the same pads. A little tip to keep in mind is to always check that the pads are flat on the braking surface and in the correct position, as sometimes they can be knocked and not have contact with the braking surface which will impair your braking and damage the wheel. 



So, my verdict of these wheels is I love them. Not only do they do everything which I need them to do but they also look very funky, and we all know it's important to look good - after all, I'm not nicknamed 'Flash' for nothing! Plus, they are great value for the money!

I'm looking forward to doing many more K's on these wonderful wheels!


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