Monoblock Locknut Ten-to-Eleven Red - 11t / 12t

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Breathe life in to your older 10 spd wheel sets! *

The Monoblock Ten-to-Eleven Locknut allows you to use our 11-speed Monoblock cassette on a 10-speed cassette body. **

The Ten-to-Eleven Locknut is available in two versions:

Model 11t or 12t sprockets.

7.5g only


* Only use this locknut in combination with our one-piece Monoblock cassettes.

** Check your frame clearance first. You need an extra 1.85mm of space for Shimano. And 1.05mm for Campagnolo.

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high elasticity, abrasion resistance, shear strength, low weight and 100% recyclable

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