The unique Edco Monoblock cassette is milled from a single piece of cold forged chromoly steel. It is then heat-treated, tumble-finished and electroplated for durability and low-friction. Shifting ramps and profiled teeth provide smooth and consistent shifts.

Its dome-like structure creates a stiff 1-piece cassette, while keeping the weight down. Example: 11-28T (11s) including locknut weights just 188g.

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TPU - thermoplastic polyurethane has been developed first by BF
Goodrich (today Lubrizol) in 1959. It serves today as base material for e.g.
high end bicycle tubes.

TPU tubes are extremely light, yet highly puncture resistant. The low rolling resistance offers high performance and speed. TPU retains its shape and ensures best riding characteristics on all bicycles, even at low air pressures, its dimensional stability makes it easy to install. Eclipse inner tubes, which are made in Germany using high grade TPU, a patented welding process and a patented valve design.