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Edco wheels have weight limit of 125kg system weight (rider and bike), unless specified differently on the product page.

Please have look at the page about bearing technology.

Our NEO·1 hub has a simple pull-off cap that holds the cassette body in place. To make changing cassettes easier, you can go for body+cassette swap. Then you can just pull of the cap, pull of the body+cassette as one, and place back the second set.

NOTE: Rotate and at the same time gently push the body onto the hub. Otherwise you might crush the internal seal on the hub!

The new rims are 21mm wide on the inside. This allows you to go quite big on tires. From a technical point of view, there is no restraint on using bigger tires on Edco 2020 wheels.

In terms of aerodynamics, we advise you to use 21-23c. Because of the wide section of the rim, the tire will be 2mm wider than what the tire is specified. Anything bigger than 25mm (23c tire) will negatively interfere with the airflow.

In terms of comfort, you could go for larger than 23c. Especially if you anticipate the surface to be rough. It would allow you to ride with a slightly lower tire pressure.

Yes, there is. Please read more about it here.

After receiving feedback from our customers, dealers and service people, we decided to go for practicality and user preference instead of a possible marginal gain in aerodynamic performance.

All E.Dubied wheels are Tubeless Ready.

The rim brake versions of our wheels use a specific construction of layered UD carbon, with high-temperature wear-resistant resin and a special surface finish to optimize brake performance and minimize temperature hot-spots.

NOTE: use only with carbon-specific brake pads.