FMB Pro Strada open tubular tire - 26mm

FMB Pro Strada open tubular tire - 26mm

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The FMB Pro Strada Open Tubular is designed for elite athletes and cyclists seeking a balance between training and racing, especially in hilly terrain.

Its 26mm wide cotton casing is suitable for hooked or hookless rims with added protection from the "Protect Rim System".

700 x 26/27c (26/27 – 622), 240 gr. suitable for internal rim width 15-25 mm

330TPI Casing 50% HD Cotton / 50% HD Corespun
PBO tire bead
Fast and Secure “GRIP+” Compound, 
extra puncture protection through Resilience compound system

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TPU is a thermoplastic material with fantastic properties which include:

high elasticity, abrasion resistance, shear strength, low weight and 100% recyclable

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